The INSTITUTO DEL GAS ARGENTINO is the first entity accredited by the Ente Nacional Regulador del Gas (ENARGAS) in the Argentine Republic as a Certification Body for natural gas appliances, accesories, NGV equipment, plastic piping tubes for natural gas, and coatings for stainless steel pipes used in gas pipelines and gas distribution systems. The jurisdiction of the INSTITUTO DEL GAS ARGENTINO covers the whole country, and it has permanent contact with international organizations, in particular with those wich are members of the MERCOSUR with the objective of driving the evolution of the technology towards the security and quality. It proposes the development or modification of national standards and technical specifications. The INSTITUTO DEL GAS ARGENTINO has a professional staff with more of 20 years of experience in certification and testing. It has his own laboratories, certified in compliance with the ISO/IEC Guide 25 by the QUALITY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (QMI) from Canada. It has offices with personalized attention and a wide library of national and international standards. The INSTITUTO DEL GAS ARGENTINO offers as a distinctive quality his experience and reliability, and it acts under a policy of quality that has as a principal objective the assurance of the security of appliances certified by him.