The INSTITUTO DEL GAS ARGENTINO as a Certification Body, must control that the products that are marketed are in agree with the approved model and comply with the corresponding approval standards. For such end the Inspections Department develops the following activities:

  • It accomplishes the external auditories to the manufacturers, importers and Cylinders Regular Checking Center for NGV.
  • It verifies that the products that are released to the market, are in agree with the certified model and they comply with the procedures dictated by the ENTE NACIONAL REGULADOR DEL GAS and the SECRETARÍA DE INDUSTRIA, COMERCIO y MINERÍA.
  • It confirms the operative conditions and the safety of appliances and industrial equipments at the place of instalation.
  • It verifies in the market the maintenance of the certification conditions from the products that are marketed.
  • It attends claims and accusations formulated by users, manufacturers, installers and gas companies.